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driving: 5 hours (distance: 225 kilometers) / flying: 25 minutes

San José to Tortuguero15:50 am6:45 amDec2015 - Apr2016
Tortuguero to San José06:55 am7:20 amDec2015 - Apr2016

flight schedules subject to change.

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nature vacations offers vacation packages to multiple locations, including Tortuguero. Packages range from 2 to 4 nights with round trip airfare departing from San Jose, Costa Rica.

reasons to visit tortuguero

the Caribbean coast is infused with Calypso culture, food and a rhythm unlike any other place in Costa Rica. Natural estuaries, palmlined beaches, sea turtle nesting grounds, world-class surf and thrilling whitewater rafting are all major attractions. To the north, quiet motorboats drift slowly through Tortuguero’s winding canals where you’re likely to spot caimans, sloths, monkeys and toucans. Head south for diving with reef fish in the turquoise waters off Cahuita National Park, visit baby sloths at the local rescue center, or tour a Bri Bri indigenous village just inland from Puerto Viejo. At the end of the day, a party is never far away after the sun sets in the coastal town of Puerto Viejo.

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quick facts

the name Tortuguero comes from the Spanish name for the giant sea turtles (Tortugas) that nest on the beaches of this region every year.

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from tortuguero airport to tortuguero: 15 minutes by boat.

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