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driving: 5 hours (distance: 300 kilometers) / flying: 50 minutes

Pavas to Tamarindo16:10 am7:05 amDec2015 - Apr2016
San Jose to Tamarindo111:10 am12:05 pmDec2015 - Apr2016
San Jose to Tamarindo03:30 pm4:10 pmDec2015 - Apr2016
Tamarindo to San José07:15 am7:55 amDec2015 - Apr2016
Tamarindo to San José012:15 pm12:55 pmDec2015 - Apr2016
Tamarindo to Pavas14:20 pm5:15 pmDec2015 - Apr2016

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hotel + flight vacation packages to Tamarindo

nature vacations offers vacation packages to multiple locations, including Tamarindo. Packages range from 2 to 4 nights with round trip airfare departing from San Jose, Costa Rica.

reasons to visit Tamarindo

tamarindo was once a quaint fishing village with the occasional surfer and backpacker rolling thru town. Tamarindo has now developed into a funky cosmopolitan beach town with a healthy variety of outdoor activities and nightlife attractions. Tamarindo is blessed with a long beach dotted with beautiful shells, fishing boats, and turtle nesting grounds to the north in Playa Grande. Tamarindo is unique in Costa Rica for its varied international gourmet restaurants, boutiques and unique hotels and a thriving community of international artists, developers, surfers and locals that are all contributing to the growth from a small fishing village to what we can only imagine will be a top destination for years to come.

tamarindo is an ideal place to spend a peaceful yet exciting vacation. there is an endless amount of activities to keep one busy for weeks without repeating the same one twice. The area is renowned for its variety of beaches which cater to any level of surfer; Tamarindo Beach in town is a slow rolling wave that rarely gets bigger than 3 feet, the wave is frequented by the many excellent surf schools in the region and for that reason can get crowded however is the best place to go out if you are just starting. For those surfers that are more advanced, try Playa Grande to the north, walk across the river but watch out for crocodiles.

playa langosta and playa avellenas to the south are both solid waves that offer long rides and tubes on the best days.

other popular activities including sailing and boating. Several outfitters in the region offer fishing charters catering to deep sea or fly-fishing. There seems to be no end to the number of activities and tours constantly being offered in Tamarindo, every week it seems new tours and adventures emerge, anything from horseback riding, kite-surfing, motor cross and four-wheel drive adventures. All one has to do is simply walk thru town to see all the latest offerings for adventure and escape.

tamarindo´s nightlife is unbeaten by any other beach town in Costa Rica, except perhaps Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. For those that like to play hard by day and play harder by night, Tamarindo is your destination.

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quick facts

tamarindo has great shopping with several small boutiques with their own lines of designed clothes. Bring cash to restaurants and nightclubs as most of them do not accept credit cards and those that do sometimes charge a “house commission.”

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from Tamarindo airport to Tamarindo: 4,4 kms, 8 minutes.