surfing in costa rica

Surfing in Costa Rica is nothing short of phenomenal. From the Northern and Central Pacific to the Caribbean, killer surf breaks are virtually everywhere.
Visitors agree that the best surf spots in Costa Rica are found in clusters, each with a season ideal for surfing. Taking domestic flights to/from surf spots will help make the most of your time, giving you the chance to visit multiple surf breaks and see other places to visit in Costa Rica.

surf spots in costa rica

Destinations listed below are some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica. You can also visit Nature Vacations to learn more about Costa Rica surfing. Or, have a local travel expert help you plan a Costa Rica surfing vacation.


Known as the "surf mecca" of the Northern Pacific Coast, Tamarindo is a friendly beach community that offers a variety of surf breaks suitable for all levels. Tamarindo also serves as a great "home base" for surfing vacations in Costa Rica.


Nosara is becoming one of the most popular surf spots, perfect for surfers and returnees to Costa Rica looking for an experience other than Tamarindo.


Home to the longest left break in the world, Pavones is a surf spot best reserved for the professionals.

santa teresa

The surf vibe is so thick you can cut it with a knife in the remote beach town of Santa Teresa.

manuel antonio

A great place for beginners, surf camps and day tours abound in this beach bum destination.