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driving: 6 hours (distance: 360 kilometers) / flying: 45 minutes

San Jose to Nosara19:15 am9:40 amDec2015 - Apr2016
San Jose to Nosara01:20 pm1:55 pmDec2015 - Apr2016
Nosara to San José010:10 am10:45 amDec2015 - Apr2016
Nosara to San José12:05 pm2:40 pmDec2015 - Apr2016

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hotel + flight vacation packages to nosara

nature vacations offers vacation packages to multiple locations, including Nosara. Packages range from 2 to 4 nights with round trip airfare departing from San Jose, Costa Rica.

reasons to visit nosara

nosara is a coastal village perfect for those who want to get away from it all while still enjoying nice dinners and active days full of surf or yoga.

the town is bordered by untouched beaches to the north and south and home to an eclectic community of yogis, artists, visiting celebrities and surfers, that are known for their strong commitment to conserving the natural habitat. During the day, surfers head to Playa Guiones’ consistent beach break, while sunbathers flock to the crescent shaped bay of Playa Pelada, known for its calm waters and tide pools. Come evening, local fishing boats pull ashore and locals gather to watch the sunset with a cold beer in hand at Olga’s Beach Bar or the funky La Luna Restaurant. It is easy to book tours to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge about an hour away, to witness olive ridley sea turtles during nesting season.

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quick facts

at Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, locals from the area have formed an association to run the reserve on a cooperative basis, and during the first 36 hours of the arribadas (mass nesting) they are allowed to harvest the eggs, on the premise that eggs laid during the this time would likely be destroyed by subsequent waves of mother turtles, or stolen by poachers. It must be working as turtle eggs counts have increased over the last several years.

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from nosara airport to nosara: 850 m, 1 minute.

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