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Driving: 4 hours (distance: 200 kilometers) / flying: 30 minutes

San José to Limon05:50 am6:20 amDec2015 - Apr2016
Limon to San José16:30 am7:20 amDec2015 - Apr2016

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nature vacations offers vacation packages to multiple locations, including Limon. Packages range from 2 to 4 nights with round trip airfare departing from San Jose, Costa Rica.

reasons to visit Limon

the Caribbean Port of Limón is the gateway to the Southern Caribbean Coast. It encompasses cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. Many rivers feeding from the Talamanca Range create a lush biodiversity that is very different from other areas of Costa Rica. The reefs, consisting of thirty-five different coral species are home to manatee, dolphins and over a hundred species of fish.

the villages of Cahuita, Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo offer excellent accommodations, exciting Caribbean cuisine, and live reggae music into the night.

puerto Viejo is home to mighty Salsa Brava, a wave that reaches forty feet high to challenge surfers. There are also excellent places for scuba diving, snorkeling or fishing.

the palm studded golden sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful in the Americas.

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quick facts

just offshore from present day Limon, off the Island of Uvita, Christopher Colombus anchored in 1502 on his fourth and final voyage to the New World. It was Columbus after all who first named this Costa Rica or "Rich Coast".

Despite having been found first, for centuries this region lived in absolute obscurity and separation from the rest of the country. It wasn't until the 1870's when the railroad was being buit that the first non-Indigenous could be found in the area.

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