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it's not easy to put the Nature Air experience into words, but these travel publications have taken on the challenge.

National Chamber of Tourism Awards - September 2013

Airline of the year by Canatur "Nature Air received the "Robert Smith" award for best airline operating in Costa Rica at this year’s Tourism Industry Awards organized by the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR)”

Budget Travel - May 2012

11 Surprisingly Loveable Airlines "[Eco-Friendliest Airline: Nature Air] You’re going to love the windows on Nature Air’s planes – and not just because the super-sized panels are roughly four times as those on the last jet you flew. No, the best part is what you see out of them: the astonishing views of the Costa Rican rainforest, which serve as a constant, vivid-green reminder of just what this regional airline is trying to protect.” – May 2012

Tips on how to be carbon neutral when you fly "Two options for travelers are carbon-neutral airlines, Nature Air, based in Costa Rica and Harbour Air based in Canada. Nature Air became the world’s first carbon-neutral airline in 2004, by compensating for its emissions from flight operations. Nature Air works with the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy to insure its efforts to lessen the effects of greenhouse gases created by its flights, thus protecting the forest and jungle that draws tourists from around the world to Central American destinations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.”

Travel + Leisure - November 2011

Global Vision Awards. Nature Air isn’t satisfied with merely being the world’s first carbon-neutral airline: by 2021, the company hopes to be “carbon-positive,” actually taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. While the carrier is sourcing locally produced biofuels and using biodiesel to power its ground operations, the centerpiece of Nature Air’s efforts is its ongoing purchase of carbon credits, which offer funds to Costa Rican landowners who have agreed to conserve the tropical forests of the Osa Peninsula. It’s a corporate ethos that addresses global concerns by investing in local communities.

Budget Travel - July/August 2011

Essentials: Costa Rica. "'What's the point of going to the rainforest,' says Claire Saylor, of carbon-neutral regional carrier Nature Air, 'when there's no rain?' The wet spells help turn the summer beautifully green, and all that lush vegetation in turn entices spider monkeys and macaws to come out and play. You should, too... With the Nature Air Pass, travelers can take unlimited domestic flights over seven days for only $222... Available May through December."

Rough - July 2011

"The original eco destination, Costa Rica is at the cutting edge of conservation. So where else would you expect to find the world's first carbon-neutral airline?..."

Frommer's - April 2011

10 Great Small Airlines. "Being 'carbon neutral' is important in Costa Rica, a small country whose jungle is both a natural resource and a major tourist attraction. The best and safest of Costa Rica's domestic airlines, Nature Air donates money to reforestation projects to offset the exhaust its planes, like all planes, belch into the atmosphere. The airline also has its own terminal in San Jose, which is quieter and more pleasant than the international terminal, and unusually large 'panoramic' windows on its small planes, so you can ogle Costa Rica's jungle scenery on your way to one of its 17 destinations." - March 2011

Bird's Eye View of Costa Rica with Nature Air. "The first time I visited Costa Rica three years ago, I saw way too much of it from the window of a van, while bouncing along bad roads. This time I vowed to spend more time where I wanted to be and to get a big picture view of the country from above. After four great flights on Nature Air, I’d definitely go the same route again. Nature Air stands out in a lot of ways. It’s an independent operation (not part of a larger conglomerate) and is a carbon-neutral airline—the first one to be able to claim that designation. Whatever it can’t conserve or reuse, it offsets with carbon credits going to reforestation. I have trouble putting much faith in carbon credits normally, but in Costa Rica I saw a lot of reforestation work in motion, so it seems like more than an ambiguous concept."

The Tico Times - February 2011

Nature Air Adds Flight to Bocas del Toro. "Costa Rica’s favorite national airline keeps on growing, this week adding a daily flight to Panama’s Bocas del Toro province in the Caribbean. The one-hour flight leaves daily at 1 p.m. from Pavas’ Tobias Bolaños International Airport, five miles west of downtown San José. Returning from Bocas del Toro, Nature Air offers two flights, one to San José, a second to Quepos on the central Pacific coast. Both return flights depart at 3:30 p.m."

AOL News - January 2011

5 Ways to Increase Your Sustainable Travel Savvy. By Charyn Pfeuffer. "Sustainable Travel Tip #1: Fly with a conscience. Many airlines now offer passengers the option of compensating for carbon emissions via purchasing treeplanting and other offsets when they buy their airline tickets. For Central American travel destinations, considering flying Nature Air. The only carbon neutral airline in the world compensates 100% of its carbon emissions thought the protection and reforestation of tropical forest in Southern Costa Rica. The airline is researching alternative fuel sources, including ethanol and pig waste."

Conde Nast Traveler - September 2010

World Savers Awards 2010. "THE VISIONARY CEO Alex Khajavi is majority investor and the social conscience at Costa Rica's national carrier, Nature Air (Overall Winner, Airlines). The world s first carbon neutral airline offsets emissions via reforestation and sends teachers into villages on horseback. 'Our goal,' Khajavi says, 'is to raise the GDP in the poor areas where we fly.'"

EcoCapitalist - August 2010

The Green Giants. "'Nature Air has successfully weathered the extremely high costs of fuel as well as the economic crisis because we have been able to command profitable prices due to greater consumer loyalty as well as reduce our cost structure with the efficiencies in energy usage. Sustainability is a long term vision for Nature Air and one that we think will continue to evolve and define our company and our industry. Those that adapt early will not only be better positioned down the road but may also help influence the methodology and mechanisms by which sustainability is defined and implemented. Nature Air has had a greater impact as a catalyst for change than we have simply by being sustainable in our own operations.' Alex E. Khajavi, CEO of Nature Air." - April 2010

Blog Talk Radio - The Eco Friendly Land of Costa Rica By Marie O'Mara "Hello Fellow travelers. I’m Marie O’Mara with and today we are going to the rainforest so grab that bikini and your hiking boots cause were about to explore the natural and gorgeous wonders of the land of Costa Rica. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Marie O’Mara, host of Travels with Marie and Chief Romance officer at Not only have I been an event and wedding planning for over 15 years I also work closely with couples to ensure they not only have the wedding of their dreams, but also the honeymoon of a life time. Today we are going to the popular and exotic Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country in Central America that is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west ..."

LiveWell TV - March 2011

Save my planet. "We'll meet some former inmates in Los Angeles who are turning over a new leaf and learning all about solar power; and Stephen Brooks shows you how one airline is flying high without leaving a huge carbon footprint. Our last stop is Costa Rica, home of Nature Air -- the world's first carbon-neutral airline."

Elliot Travel Blog - December 2009

Nature Air’s Khajavi: “Of course any airline could be carbon-neutral”. By Chris Elliot "Alexi Huntley Khajavi is the chief marketing officer for Nature Air, a small airline that serves destinations in Costa Rica and Panama. Your Nature Air flight comes with an unusual guarantee: It won’t leave a carbon footprint. I asked Khajavi to explain. What does it mean to be a carbon-neutral airline? It means that any and all CO2 emissions Nature Air emits from its operations are sequestered through another activity which reduces or fixes CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. We have chosen to offset our emissions through conservation of tropical forests here."

Airline Post - October 2009

The 5 Most Eco-Friendly Airlines. "According to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, the CO2 from aviation accounts for 1.6% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and is set to reach 2.5% by 2050. IATA started the environmental movement for airlines by setting an important and significant goal – creating a zero-emissions airplane within 50 years. Last month, the airline industry also made a pledge to halve emissions by 2050 to force the development of a new, greener technology they can use. Some airlines have went further by pioneering new eco-friendly technologies that really make a statement. Here’s our pick for the five most eco-friendly airlines at the moment. 5. Virgin Airlines started its environmental efforts by signing a deal with Boeing that supposes the purchasing a number of eco-friendly aircrafts to use on their routes."

Toronto Star - October 2009

Animals find refuge in Costa Rican rainforest haven: A rainforest haven for animals endangered by habitat loss, poaching and the illegal pet trade. By: John Moor. "Puerto Jimenez, COSTA RICA – Paris Hilton learned the hard way: Kinkajous just don't make good pets. Paris's kink 'Baby Luv' lost BFF status when it bit her on the arm. You'd think that lesson would be obvious, and yet ... those big, buggy eyes and that fuzzy little face (on the kinkajou, that is) are pretty hard to resist. But there's a sting in its tail, or at least, in its paws. 'See those hands,' says Earl Crews, founder of the Osa Wildlife Reserve, as he points to a kinkajou peeping from its hideout inside a hollow log. 'They can rip open a coconut.'"

Ashoka Changemakers - September 2009

"This entry has been selected as a winner in the Geotourism Challenge 2009: Power of Place - Sustaining the Future of Destinations competition. Summary: Since 2004, NatureAir, based in San Jose Costa Rica, has been synonymous with a 100% carbon neutral aviation program..."

Focus Organic - June 2009

Nature Air - World's First Carbon Neutral Airline.Animals find refuge in Costa Rican rainforest haven: "The airline industry isn't exactly known for being the most environmentally friendly method of travel, but with the growing concern towards our impact on this planet, some companies are taking baby steps towards improving their footprints - from a de-icing product made from corn and sugar to American Airlines testing methods to reduce fuel consumption. Nature Air, however, is taking more than just baby steps. Every part of their process is geared towards sustainability. Nature Air is the world’s first certified carbon neutral airline, and the fastest growing regional airline in Central America. Since its inception in 2000, Nature Air has grown from flying 18,000 passengers annually to more than 140,000 in 2008."

Aviation Week: Aviation Daily - May 2009

WTTC Gives Environmental Award to Costa Rica’s Nature Air: "The business daily of the airline industry since 1939. By: Melanie Reffes. The World Travel & Tourism Council named Costa Rican airline Nature Air as the 2009 Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award winner for best demonstrating sustainable tourism practices and commitment to the protection of its natural heritage. The carrier was chosen for its 100% carbon neutral program and its commitment to fuel reduction in the air and on the ground. The airline has developed Costa Rica’s only bio-diesel fueling station and formed the non-profit foundation NatureKids..."

TravelMole - April 2009

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – ALEXI HUNTLEY KHAJAVI: VISION on Sustainable Tourism. NATUREAIR 100% CARBON NEUTRAL AIRLINE. By: Valere Tjolle "Nature Air, the Costa Rican airline, are both finalists in the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow awards and entrants in the Changemakers’ Geotourism Challenge. Based in San Jose Costa Rica, Nature Air offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions to encourage reforestation of tropical forests in southern Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity zones of the Osa Peninsula. To date Nature Air has compensated for nearly 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide though the protection of more than 500 acres of tropical forests, offsetting more than 6,000 tons of carbon emissions each year."

SmartMoney - May 2009

Small Business Stand Out: Getting a Green Airline Off the Ground. By: Diana Ransom. "Small-business owners, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Each week, we focus on an entrepreneur who has lessons to share that we think will resonate with other small-business owners. Alexi Huntley Khajavi, co-owner of carbon neutral airline, Nature Air, answers our questions: What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? To date, Nature Air has offset nearly 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide through the protection of more than 300 acres of primary tropical forests. In addition, we fuel all of Nature Air’s ground equipment and vehicles with bio-diesel, which for us is a mix of recycled vegetable and cooking oils collected from airline employees and local restaurants."

Wend Magazine - February 2009

Nature Air Lives Up to Its Name. "Nature Air, the preferred puddle-jumping airline of Central America, got a little recognition recently for doing what they can to save some of the rain forest for the rest of us while shuttling folks between adventure destinations. Although they don’t have any trophy case hardware yet, they’re finalists for the Tourism for Tomorrow conservation award from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Nature Air runs its ground vehicles on biodiesel, buys offsets for its airplane emissions and does reforestation work on the Osa Peninsula, (500 acres and counting). Their heart’s in the right place, but before anyone gets any bragging rights, a judge will travel to take a look at the green claims of the two other finalists: Lane Cove River Tourist Park in Australia and Ionian Eco Villagers in Greece."

GreenerAir Online - January 2009

Two different green approaches to resolving airport ground support vehicle pollution announced. "Westchester County Airport in New York state is replacing its 25 motorized ground vehicles with all-electric versions, which are expected to save about $200,000 a year in fuel costs (at $2/gallon) and eliminate 27,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the vehicles’ anticipated 14-year life span. Part of the $2.47 million cost will be met by a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. Down in Costa Rica, Nature Air, which describes itself as the world’s first carbon-neutral airline, has launched its own alternative refueling station to convert its ground vehicles to run on biodiesel."

Treehugger, - January 2009

Nature Air To Use Waste Vegetable Oil Biodiesel on All Its Ground Vehicles. By: Matthew McDermott. "While there are some good reasons to question the ecological sustainability of air travel, you can’t say that at least some airlines are trying pretty hard to green their act. Costa Rica’s Nature Air, which bills itself as the world’s first zero emissions airline (it buys offsets for all the miles in flies...I can hear some of you groaning already), has announced that it will be now be furthering its green cred. The airline will be powering its entire fleet of ground equipment using biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil. Here are the details: Biodiesel Made From Employee-Collected Vegetable Oil The majority of the recycled vegetable oil is being collected by Nature Air employees themselves..."

Airline Weekly - January 2009

jetGreen Environment, Conservation & Fuel. "One airline that doesn’t offer a carbon offset program is Costa Rican turboprop operator Nature Air. Why not? There’s no need to. The airline, which serves 17 destinations in Costa Rica and Panama, is already carbon neutral. In November the United Nations Environment Programme added Nature Air—its first airline—to its Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), a growing list of the most ambitious companies and governments curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. How does Nature Air do it? It strives for flight and operational efficiency, runs its ground vehicles on bio-diesel..."

Traveling The Green Way - December 2008

Costa Rica’s NatureAir joins Climate Neutral Network. By SONYA. "Nature Air, the world’s first carbon neutral airline has joined the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), an initiative led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The network, whose participants include countries, cities, major international companies, UN agencies and leading NGOs, promotes global action towards low-carbon economies and societies. 'With the airline industry contributing an estimated three percent of global greenhouse gas emissions - nearly as much as the entire African continent, it is vital that solutions to the climate change challenge come from within the industry itself. I welcome Nature Air to the Climate Neutral Network as a trailblazer on the path to zero emissions air travel...'"

Huffington Post - October 2008

Costa Rica: Still Some of the Greenest Travel Around. By: Claire Bidwell Smith. "In August my husband and I traveled to Costa Rica for what was supposed to be one of the world's first 'Carbon Neutral Vacations.' As an occasional travel writer, I've found the leaning trend towards environmentally and socially conscious travel quite impressive. From giant, all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica to luxury hotels in Boulder, Colorado, it seems that no matter where I go these days everyone in the travel industry is making the leap to sustainable travel. I was curious, however, to experience something environmentally friendly enough to be deemed carbon neutral, meaning that any carbon emissions we would be releasing as a result of our trip would be offset by using sustainable providers, activities, materials and carbon credits..."

Calgary Herald - August 2008

Leave no 'footprint'. "ECO-TRAVEL - The old travel adage, 'take only memories, leave only footprints'. . . didn't necessarily refer to carbon footprints, but a new offering by Nature Vacations does. The travel company is offering a seven-day trip to Costa Rica that's 100 per cent Carbon Neutral Vacation -- once you reach the lush central American country. From the time you land in San Jose until your departure, all of the carbon created will be offset in the following ways: - Nature Vacations donates funds to local landowners to encourage reforestation of tropical forests in southern Costa Rica in the bio-diverse zones of the Osa Peninsula - Accommodations are at two of the country's only resorts with a level-five sustainability label (Fina Rosa Blanca and Lapa Rios)."

Parents Magazine - August 2008

Why Costa Rica Rocks for Families!. By Judy Goldberg "They really know how to go green! A lot of countries talk the eco-tourism talk, but here you're going to find the real thing. Right now, Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world (in terms of carbon and sulfur emissions and conservation practices), and the government has made a pledge to be the first developing country to be carbon neutral by 2021. This means that every hotel and tour group goes the extra step to conserve resources and educate visitors. Even the airplanes have gone green. Nature Air ( is one of the only carbon-neutral airlines in the world -- and it's a bargain: You can hop from rain forest to the volcano in a matter of minutes (driving would take all day) for less than $50."

FlightNest - July 2008

The World's First Carbon Neutral Airline. By Jarkko Haarala. "More than eight years ago, no reliable airlines existed in Costa Rica or Central America serving adventure travel destinations. Services were often slow, chaotic and inconvenient for international and regional tourists. Whole communities were essentially cut off from the world in certain seasons. Mr. Khajavi and his family started Nature Air in 2000. Since then Nature Air has grown from flying 18,000 passengers annually to more than 150,000 in 2007. The company got its start with one plane and 17 employees. Now it has a fleet of eight planes and more than 150 employees. It’s the only twin-engine airline in Costa Rica with both scheduled and chartered flights, and offers 74 daily flights to 16 destinations in Costa Rica, and Panama."

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog - May 2008

"Beloved Traveler senior researcher Meg is in the midst of planning her honeymoon—she's thinking warm, English- or Spanish-speaking (her fiancé is Salvadorian), and on a budget..." - March 2008

Costa Rica's carbon neutral airline. By Christine Sarkis. Leave it to tiny Costa Rica to up the eco-quotient ahead of the curve. Costa Rican carrier Nature Air has proclaimed itself the world's first carbon neutral airline. One-hundred percent of its carbon emissions is offset through the reforestation and protection of tropical forests in the country's Osa Peninsula. The airline started its carbon-neutral program in 2004, and has also improved its flight plans to be more fuel efficient. Now, you might think it's a stretch for any airline to claim complete carbon neutrality, since planes—all planes—really do belch the stuff. But Nature Air is in a much better position than most to own the niche."

The Ottawa Citizen - April 2008

Going Places - Women only, On the fly. "For the first time ever, Montana's historic Firehole Ranch is hosting a women's week next summer for female fly fishing enthusiasts. Located on 640 acres just outside the boundary of Yellowstone Park, the ranch is endorsed by Orvis, a U.S.-based fishing tackle business, and specializes in trout fishing..."

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog - April 2008

It's Earth Day Every Day. "You didn't think we'd let Earth Day slip by without making a mention, did you? Here at National Geographic Traveler, and at Intelligent Travel, we like to subscribe to the Earth Day, Every Day line of thinking..."

TreeHugger - April 2008

TRAVEL & NATURE (eco-travel). By Eliza Barclay. "Carbon Neutral Vacations in Costa Rica. The guilt-free, eco-friendly tropical vacation has finally arrived. Nature Vacations, a travel agency that operates in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama, hopes to vanquish all of your treehuggerly shame about flying to Costa Rica to soak up some rays by claiming to offset "every ounce" of carbon you produce en route and during your stay with a new seven-day package..."

ODE - March 2008

Trips That Keep on Giving: New trends in ecotourism help protect the environment and support local communities. By: Diane Daniel. "Carbon offsetting - Of course the mere act of flying to a pristine environment makes the environment less pristine. Some major airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, are offering passengers the chance to buy carbon offsets to help mitigate part of the damage done. Costa Rica airline Nature Air has taken things one leg further. Granted, the airline, with about 75 flights a day from its fleet of 20-passenger propeller planes, isn't a major player."

BBC News - Feburary 2008

Costa Rica bids to go carbon neutral. By Claire Marshall. "There is one example from private industry. Four years ago, Nature Air began moves to become a carbon neutral airline. Sitting back in one of the company's Twin Otter planes, chief executive Alex Khajavi looks down fondly at the Pacific coastline, the emerald hills folding down to long white strips of beach. "We are in the right position in this country to be the crucible for the changes that the rest of the world is looking for. We cannot let it fail. We need to get everyone on our side to make this small experiment in something very radical but very necessary, to work," he said. "We need to be an example to the rest of the world". The Costa Rican government has given itself just 13 years to turn its economy green and become that example."

NPR - Radio Broadcast Story, February 2008

CLIMATE CONNECTIONS: SOLUTIONS Costa Rica Aims to Be a Carbon-Neutral Nation. By John Burnett "Costa Rica hopes this is a glimpse of the future. A small regional air carrier called Nature Air advertises itself as the world's first carbon-neutral airline.(Soundbite of airplane) Their eight twin engine aircraft shuttle tourists between excursions to Costa Rica's white beaches and extravagant rain forests..." Read more

National Geographic Traveler - Intelligent Travel Blog - January 2008

A Look at the Best Travel Stuff in 2007. NatureAir: The Zero Emissions Airline. "Nature Air dubs itself as the world's first and only zero emissions airline. Carbon neutral since 2004, the Costa Rican airline combats deforestation by paying local landowners to preserve threatened portions of the jungle. In the past four years, the company says they've offset 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide by saving about 500 acres in the country's lush Osa Peninsula. This year they flew more than 150,000 passengers on their seven dual-engine, fuel-efficient de Havilland Twin Otters."

Yahoo! NEWS - November 2007

36 travel industry leaders join Expedia and UN Foundation in international effort to promote sustainable tourism around World Heritage sites. "New York, NY (Vocus) -- Expedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPE) and the United Nations Foundation (UN Foundation) announced today the addition of 36 new members to the World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (WHA). WHA, an industry-leading initiative formed by Expedia® and the UN Foundation in 2005 to promote sustainable tourism around the 851 UNESCO World Heritage sites, celebrates its 2nd anniversary this week, and also announced the expansion of its programs into three new regions: Central America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. The addition of new members and partners brings total WHA membership to 50."

The Sunday Times - November 2007

The complete list of Responsible Tourism Award winners: From the New Forest to Thailand - all winners in the 2007 Responsible Tourism Awards. "BEST DESTINATION sponsored by GAP Adventures Winner: New Forest National Park (see Walk in the enchanted forest). Highly commended: Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka (00 94 773 251 088,, which has developed small-scale community-based tourism to help the region recover from the tsunami. Costa Rica (, which has built on its reputation as Central America’s eco-tourism capital to develop a more wide-ranging strategy throughout its industry. BEST LARGE HOTEL (more than 50 rooms), sponsored by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Winner: ..."

National Geographic Adventure Magazine - October 2007

Grow Trees with a propeller. "Nature Air, based in San Jose, Costa Rica, has managed to go completely carbon neutral. Alex Khajavi purchased the carrier in 2000 and now has seven efficient De Haviland Twin Otter Turboprops flying to 17 ecotourism destinations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. By taxiing on one engine and minimizing idling, Nature Air has contained its carbon footprint even as passenger miles have soared. But there's still carbon output to offset--6,320 tons last year--which the airline does by investing in privately held rain forest on Osa Peninsula, hotbed of biological diversity. Farmers there have an incentive to keep trees standing, helping keep crucial corridor between Piedras Blancas and Corcovado National Parks safe from loggers."

Express Travel World - September 2007

Aviation in times of global warming. "The threat of global warming has led to global panic, and even the aviation industry, with all its glories, has not been exempted from public flogging. Reema Sisodia takes a closer look at the impact of air travel on the environment. The global aviation industry seems to be threatened by a roadblock in the form of an environmental crisis, even as the sector back home was just beginning to get its act together. The on-again-off-again menace of an impending global warming has reared its head yet again and this time it is making air travel its chosen target."

USA Today - May 2007

Airlines urged to copy Costa Rican firm on warming. By Alister Doyle "OSLO — Big airlines should imitate a tiny, profitable Costa Rican company that invests in forest protection to help soak up greenhouse gases spewed out by its planes, Costa Rica's tourism minister said on Wednesday. Carlos Ricardo Benavides said that airlines had to do more to fight global warming, partly to encourage tourists worried about climate change to keep visiting remote jungles, mountains and beaches in poor countries that rely on the income. "Nature Air represents a way to do it," he told Reuters during an international ecotourism conference in Oslo. Costa Rican domestic airline Nature Air calls itself 'the world's first and only zero emissions airline'."