The World's First

Carbon Neutral Airline

Protect the places and communities you fly to!

At NatureAir, we take our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our business very seriously through a range of activities under our sustainable travel program. Since 2004, NatureAir has been proud to be the world’s first certified carbon neutral airline. In this period, we have helped to protect and conserve over 500 acres of tropical forests in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. With every flight you take, your support of NatureAir ensures that the places we go to remain pristine for future generations…and your next visit!

Doing something good has never been easier.

Since day one, NatureAir has offset 100% of our flight emissions thru our own contributions. This means that simply by choosing NatureAir, you choose to conserve and protect our tropical forests here in Costa Rica. This is our committement to our passengers and the communities we serve.

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