The World's First

Carbon Neutral Airline

How we calculate the emissions volume for our flights.
To ensure our calculation of the volume of emissions relevant to your flight we calculate the total carbon emissions for all flight sectors flown in the previous twelve months.

Here at NatureAir we don’t do things at 50%, so we undertook a detailed greenhouse gas life cycle assessment to determine the highest degree of accuracy the emissions that are associated with all aspects of our operations both in the air and on the ground.

Unlike other airlines claiming to be carbon neutral, we don’t play games with silly and complicated calculations based on their own ability to sell seats or cargo. NatureAir takes all the fuel burned per calendar year, regardless of how many passengers were on the flight, or if the aircraft was in taxi on the runway, doing scenic flights over volcanoes or testing the engines in maintenance – we burned it, it released CO2, we offset it. A true 100% compensation of all our CO2 emissions from flight operations.

For those that like their calculations a little more technical, our calculations are processed thru the Forestry Financing Department of the Costa Rican Government which uses guidelines widely accepted and equal to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) guidelines for calculating emissions inventories require that an oxidation factor be applied to the carbon content to account for a small portion of the fuel that is not oxidized into CO2. For all oil and oil products, the oxidation factor used is 0.99 (99 percent of the carbon in the fuel is eventually oxidized, while 1 percent remains un-oxidized.

Finally, to calculate the CO2 emissions from a gallon of fuel, the carbon emissions are multiplied by the ratio of the molecular weight of CO2 (m.w. 44) to the molecular weight of carbon (m.w.12): 44/12.

CO2 emissions from a gallon of gasoline = 2,421 grams x 0.99 x (44/12) = 8,788 grams = 8.8 kg/gallon = 19.4 pounds/gallon

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