The World's First

Carbon Neutral Airline

Our commitment runs deep!
At NatureAir, we take our commitment to minimising any kind of environmental impact of our activities very seriously.

In addition to our carbon compensation program, we have implemented a range of initiatives to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. In our flight operations we have improved our fuel efficiency by 7% in the last 3 years and we are continuously working to improve our fuel efficiencies every year.

Already we operate Costa Rica´s only twin-engine fleet of De-Haviland Twin Otters which offer extremely competitive fuel efficiencies compared to other Turbo Props in their class. We have also improved fuel efficiency through operational enhancements such as crew training, reducing aircraft weight, and improved flight planning.

Carbon offsetting is an important component of our environmental strategy. No matter how efficient we become, for the meantime flying results in the emission of greenhouse gases. Compensation is a method that allows us and our Guests to offset emissions related to flights through Government recognised compensation projects. Such projects also provide other benefits, such as tropical forest conservation, protection of biological corridors, environmental payment services to local communities and public education.

At NatureAir, we have always considered ourselves more than an airline, more like a travel company with wings. And even though we are proud of being the world’s first airline, we are just a drop in the bucket. We will always be the first carbon neutral airline; we just hope we are not the only one.

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